So, what is OOSO Sparkling Tea?

OOSO is a sparkling tea inspired by natural wine. It’s made with organic teas and only sweetened with organic honey. We don't use any artificial ingredients.

We formulated OOSO with adaptogens (plants / mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, and fatigue) and essential vitamins to help you feel your best, mentally and physically.

Steeped in non-tradition, we believe beverages should be bold, not boring. We are intentional in everything we do, from our ingredients, to our retailers, to our branding.

OOSO is here for the trendsetters, the flavor seekers, the health-conscious go-getters who aim to experience life to the fullest, sip by sip.

Whether you’re living a non-alc lifestyle or simply taking a break for the evening, be unapologetically you.